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China All band 700-2700MHZ 3G 4G LTE Antenna manufacturer
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All band 700-2700MHZ 3G 4G LTE Antenna & 1700-2700MHZ 4G LTE Antenna

About Us
Foxtenna Communication Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong with a number of production facilities in China. Our China Factory is Shenzhen Ameison Communication Equipment Co., Ltd., one of leading professional antenna ...
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Production Capacity We have more than 15 years knowledge and experience in the antennas industry and product development field. We have a well-established team of professional industrial, structure, and mould design ...
Quality Control
Do 100% inspection and follow AQL standard before shipment Quality control is one of the most important section of all our production process. We undertake strict quality control in each of the process from incoming ...
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Address : 9#, TongXin Road,SiFangPu, Pingdi, Longgang, Shenzhen, 518117, P.R.China.
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86-755-84089372(Working time)
86-755-89914346(Nonworking time)
Fax : 86-755-89914746